Motivational Talks

ABC Interview on my thoughts on Trump in week 1

Motivational ABC interview: attitude of gratitude!

Let’s Talk Live! Ch. 8 Motivation Interview

News Channel 8 Interview – Race & Sexism in 2016 Election

Video of me being interviewed on African TV

Mali visit: My French version of “G.R.O.W. Towards Your Greatness!”

Youth motivational speaker Omekongo rapping

Youth motivational speaker Omekongo’s message: overcome obstacles!

Motivational high school graduation speech

I spoke at this “Take Back the Night” Rally in NY

My speech at Take Back the Night

Omekongo Dibinga

Omékongo Dibinga – CAS Student Leadership Conference, 11-21-14

Motivational high school graduation speech

Omekongo Dibinga – Inspirer

News Channel 8 Interview On Millennials & 2016 Election

Panel Discussions & Commercials

Omekongo speaks on panel on Congo hosted by Hardball’s Chris Mathews.

Intel Supports Eastern Congo Families and Conflict-Free Minerals

Omekongo, Robin Wright, & JD Stier speak on Congo

Young Hollywood Speaks Up For Congo

Music Videos & Live Performances

Official Music Video & Remix Challenge! – VOTE OR SHUT UP!

Omekongo raps on Congo’s conflict minerals


The African, The American

Signs of the Time

Music Video “It’s a Girl” by Omekongo Dibinga

My performance of “Raise Hope for Congo” at University of Wisconsin

My performance with Mali’s best rappers!

CONGO ON THE COME UP: Omekongo w/ JD Stier Lindsay Samakow

Welcome to the Congo

STAND NOW video!

Big Bid’ness

We Rise

TEDx Talks

The accidental ambassador | Omékongo Dibinga | TEDxGeorgetown

TEDxYouth@NASA – Omekongo Dibinga — Rap Poetry

Omekongo Dibinga – The Official Poem Of TEDxYouth@NASA

Omekongo Dibinga — Be Astronomical! — The Official Poem of TEDxYouth@NASA

State Department Training

CIVIC LEADERSHIP – Creating a Successful Grassroots Campaign

PUBLIC MANAGEMENT – Advocating for Youth

Talk Show Interviews

Sandra Vu Le talks diversity, immigration, and the Asian experience in America

My interview with MarylandCAN’s Curtis Valentine

Reverend Marcia Dyson gets deep on “Real Talk!”

Afrobeat poet & Actress Anna Mwalagho on “Real Talk”

Juneous Pettijohn speaks about yoga and life balance

Stand Now! members speak on ending global genocide

The Enough! Projects talks on ending genocide worldwide

Bomani breaks down the music business and more!

High school student Wagas Janjari talks about youth challenges

Benny Bienvenue speaks about America’s forgotten children

My interview with actor Simba Dibinga

My interview with director & actor Esosa Edosomwan

My interview with Sonya Renee Taylor

My interview with 5 Mikes!

My interview with school teacher Sandy Young

Star Bobatoon speaks on raising a terminally ill child

My interview with Niemat of United to end Genocide

My interview with HBO’s “The Wire” actor Tray Chaney

My interview with the Latin American Youth Center

My interview with Grammy-nominated Christylez!