Keynotes / Workshops

Be an UPstander, not a BYstander!

This workshop uses the spoken word and positive hip-hop and highlights its ability to create social change. Participants build their cultural self-confidence and respect for other cultural, religious and racial groups through critical analysis of culture through the spoken word and positive hip-hop to understand the root causes of misconceptions that exist across different groups.  It challenges cultural paradigms in an effort to create greater appreciation for differences.  Students emerge from this workshop empowered to not only make a change in their own lives but in their communities and throughout the globe.

The Reinvention Road Map!

This session/keynote will provide you with the steps needed to bounce back from any setback, be it personal or professional. This is an interactive session where participants will be able to first probe into the circumstances that led to their setback, and then embark on 4-step reinvention road map that will keep them focused and ready to adapt to new challenges. As the saying goes, either you expand or you are expendable so come learn how to expand and G.R.O.W. towards your greatness!

ABC interview on how to reinvent yourself:

Leveraging Diversity: Creating Culturally Competent Work Environments

This workshop explores the importance of achieving true cultural diversity in a corporate or governmental environment. Participants will probe deep into their own cultural biases and use them as a springboard to emerge in intense dialogue. By acknowledging their truths as it relates to experiences of racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, and more, participants will feel empowered to carry the dialogue back to their colleagues and beyond!

Cultural Competence and Elevating the Black Male

Omékongo provides workshops in the areas of cultural competence as well as issues of black male achievement.  He trains educators on strategies to decrease the educational gaps that exist in our current educational environment.  Using long term data which indicate that young black males are under-represented in rigorous instruction, gifted and talented programs, honors/AP courses and International Baccalaureate programs and over-represented in discipline referrals and suspension/expulsion rates, this workshop examines the societal perceptions of young black males that perpetuate racial disparities in education. Participants build their cultural competence to develop a learning environment that fosters academic success for young black males. The premise for the workshop is that if a teacher can gain the cultural competence requisite to reach her black male students, she develops the competencies needed to reach all of her students.

Alternative Forms to Media in the Misinformation Age

This workshop explores methods by which students in America and abroad can learn to diversify their information sources in order to achieve a true and balanced education and become critical thinkers. Issues such as negative representations of Africa & the Middle East, as well as people of diverse cultures and experiences are analyzed.  Students will be encouraged to share their own experiences. This workshop also looks at different forms of media being created by modern-day activists to create social change, such as the spoken word. Lastly, methods by which participants can create their own media are also explored..